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Getting your website working in the best possible condition that it can be in. 

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Most of our clients come to us saying they want SEO, know they need it, but aren’t sure what it is. Simply put, SEO is the process of optimizing a website for keywords (search engine rankings), website visitors, leads and conversions. 

We offer comprehensive SEO reporting and include the following:

  • Google Analytics (Keyword Search) 

  • Custom Analytics Dashboards & Views

  • Longtail Keyword Report

  • Keyword Rank Report

  • Social Referrer Report

  • Link Building Report

  • Monthly Weekly SEO Website Audit Report

Our SEO services and website optimization services will also help you pinpoint any website errors, security issues or performance issues. Part of having good SEO means that your website should be healthy, and in a good position to rank well so that optimization can begin. Our keyword audit will analyze your website as well as the top 10 ranking websites for any given URL on Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo and Bing. It will lay out passed and failed ranking factors and give you an overall website grade. This will give you a high level snapshot of how your website can be crawled, accessed and ranked by search engines, let you know of any search engine compatibility issues and show you how you stack up to your competitors.  A full website audit is performed by us at the start of every SEO project. 

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  1. Project Setup

  2. Check Current Keyword Rankings and Traffic

  3. Website Crawl

  4. Keyword Research 

  5. Website Audit with Implementation and Error Fixes

  6. Optimize URL Structure

  7. Create and Optimize Content for Rankings and Leads 

  8. Build Links and Suggest Social Mentions

Web Search is the default type of search. Search engines will display the most relevant search snippets in their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to match queries. There are many different search engine ranking factors, or search engine ranking signals. Some have been made public, others haven’t. Our SEO system is based off of relevancy, just like how search engines base their ranking systems on relevancy, so you can be sure we can get you ranking for any keyword you want. No keyword is too competitive, even one word keywords, they just take time. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Local Search – Reviews, Local Sites and Maps

Local Search is also a default type of search that is mixed with web search and focuses on local results. Search engines will deliver the most locally relevant websites to match queries. Sometimes they will pull information from review sites, local sites and maps.

Image Search – Grid View and Image Carousel

Image Search will let you search through different images in order to find the image that you are looking for. Sometimes search engines display image search results on their SERPs if they find an image to be more relevant than certain web search results. Image results shown on web result pages will show up as images and stand out from the web results Some search engines will display image search results on what is known as an image carousel, in addition to regular images laid out in the standard grid view.

Video Search – Default Web Search Snippet View

Video Search will let you search through different types of videos in order to find the video that you are looking for. Sometimes search engines display video search results on their SERPs if they find a video to be more relevant than certain web results. Videos results shown on the web results will stand out and show up as images with a play button to indicate they are videos. These types of results will stand out more than text based

Social Search – Default Web Search View of Show Results From Your Social Network

Social Search is an interesting type of search that will display results from the people that are in your social networks.

Competitive Search – Rank for Your Competitor’s Branded Keywords

Competitive Search isn’t a search type set out by search engines, but is terminology we use to describe the act of ranking for competitor’s branded keywords. This can be done on web, local, image, video and social search. We include this in each SEO strategy in order to get you the most traffic.

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