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Scopo Photography Circus Aerials

Aerial sculptures
by the Underground Circus 

Aerial Hoops | Lyra

Scopo Photography Circus Aerials

Swinging Pole Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts with Scopo Photography

Nicole Fedoruk Circus Aerialist

Circus Aerialists and Scopo Photography 

Specializing in circus photography and aerial arts, Scopo Photography delves into the mesmerizing world of performers ranging from silks to sculptural apparatuses. This segment highlights our collaboration with the brilliant Nicole Fedoruk, a circus instructor, aerialist, and RMT from Vancouver, B.C. This project was an adventure in creativity and adaptability, featuring two contrasting sets that offered unique challenges and rewards.

Nicole Fedoruk Circus Aerialists at the Underground Circus

Our first set took place indoors at the Underground Circus, a space perfectly suited for a formal and controlled environment. The 2.5 hour shoot involved two different apparatuses under stage lighting and a backdrop, creating a dramatic and polished look for portfolio shots.

We were able to plan out four outfit changes, each adding a new dimension to the visuals. One of the highlights on the set was experimenting with light crystals and refraction. As a photographer, I appreciate how many elements of the chaos can be controlled so adapting can be easier as it was a thrilling experience seeing the aerial sculptures for the first time.  The c
hallenges of these types of shoots include the unique rotation of each aerial apparatus, we ended up using a prop cane to spin and slow down poses to align shots with ideal lighting.

Nicole maneuvered expertly around these art pieces, and the interplay of light and shadows brought her movement to life, capturing her grace and strength.

Aerialist Circus Photography at Trout Lake Park

The second set was at Trout Lake Park during sunset, providing a stark contrast to the controlled indoor environment. Safety was paramount, so we took our time finding the perfect tree to support Nicole on a spinning and swinging lyra. With hoops weighing approximately 50 lbs, the setup was a feat.

We settled on a sturdy willow tree by the lake, but the setup was complicated as the ideal spot for lighting was over a popular dog pooping ground. There is always a little humor to photoshoots, and in this one, dodging dog poop was part of the fun.


Despite this, the shoot was magical. An assistant helped with maneuvering two flashes on height extensions, illuminating the whimsical setting. The fantasy-themed shoot perfectly captured a dreamlike vibe, with Nicole's movement blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of the willow trees blowing in the wind during the sunset by the lake.

These two shoots exemplify the diverse environments and creative processes involved in photographing a versatile performer like Nicole. Each setting brought out different aspects of her talent, making the experience both challenging and immensely rewarding.

Nicole Fedoruk Circus Aerialist : A Performer Like No Other

Nicole Fedoruk's background as a circus instructor, aerialist, and RMT brings a unique dynamic to her performances. Her endurance ability to adapt and excel in varying environments showcases her incredible talent and dedication to her craft. Each shoot with her is not just a photography session but an exploration of art and movement, capturing moments that resonate with both grace and strength.


Aerial Hoops | Lyra

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