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Getting your website working in the best possible condition that it can be in. 

Once you have a website you will need to have it optimized so that it can be found, is easy to use, brings in revenue, generates leads, increases your market reach, keeps working as it should and gives you the professional online presence that you need.

Search engine compatibility is based on ranking requirements that become relevant results to people who are searching for information about a particular subject.


The more relevant a website is to a search query, the more likely search engines are to display the website that passes most of their raking requirements.

In order to meet search engine ranking requirements we need to see if a website gives a good user experience and passes search engine compatibility testing. These areas work together and make your website strong. Here are some things that we look at:


  • Page Load Time Optimization

  • Key content isn’t inside of iframes or Flash

  • Webpages, especially landing pages are interlinked to avoid doorway pages

  • Create useful content for every page so it isn’t seen 404s

  • HTML is used instead of JavaScript

  • Sitemaps in correct format and have the right information for all content types

  • Matching visual and physical website structure, and is using friendly URLs

  • Topical footer optimization

  • Use of JQuery for styling instead of fancy CSS

  • Unique meta data for every webpage

  • JavaScript and CSS externally Sourced

  • Search engines and visitors see the same content in order to avoid search engine cloaking

  • Redirects are handled properly and there are no redirect loops

  • Web and mobile website versions both show the same content


Once your website is working efficiently, our lead generation services bring in targeted traffic to get more leads and convert them into customers. We also encourage Social Media Website Integration to increase conversions, expand on your market reach,  and to increase major Key Performance Indicators which lead to visitors completing actions you want them to take.



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