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A Documentary 
Photobook 2020-2022

Each set in this photo documentary series is a Photography collaboration with an artist who recognizes movement as an essential part of their lives. Artistic expression and humor were used to comment on our current condition at the time. But more than that, this project is an opportunity to be vulnerable, address the emotions felt during this pandemic, and release them through movement.

The collection is intended to be published as a reflection on what we went through as a community. All proceeds made by by this project will be donated to Youth Unlimited

 March 30 2020

Nothing Else Mattress
These trashy puns were made on moving garbage, left behind by displaced low-income families from East Vancouver. Despite the freeze on evictions announced by the government, it really felt like we were "sofa gone"

Movement Artist: Louisa He

April 2020

B.C shuts down fitness and sports facilities indefinitely cutting off communities, teams, and partnerships. When grappling with others fuel your practice, and everything has shut down, you do what you have to.

Jujitsu Specialist: Jonathan Chan


Reuniting with partnerships after a period of quarantine and finding some perspective together.

Acro/Dancers: Carissa Joy & Brian Carew

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