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Unlock the Best Photography Tape for Wall-Mounting: 2023 Comprehensive Guide to Protect Your Walls

You've finally done it—you've gotten those treasured moments captured by an expert in Vancouver photography, and now your beautiful printed photos are eagerly waiting to be showcased. Sounds simple, right? But then comes the challenging part: picking the perfect wall space, measuring for precise alignment, ensuring each photo lines up harmoniously, and double-checking that everything is perfectly level. Yet even after this meticulous preparation, there's one pivotal decision that remains—selecting the right photograph wall tape for mounting these memories securely, all without damaging your wall paint.

Photography Tape
No Frames? No Problem

In this comprehensive guide, we'll help you navigate the world of adhesive options, providing budget-friendly and premium alternatives, along with pro tips for a bubble-free, fingerprint-free mounting experience.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Photography Tape to Mount your Images

Want to skip expensive picture frames? Before diving headlong into specific products, there are some essential factors to take into consideration when choosing which type of photography tape to use on your photo display.

Adhesive Strength

A primary concern is whether the tape is robust enough to securely hold your photos in place. The last thing you want is for your carefully aligned arrangement to come crashing down.


One of the main reasons you're reading this guide is likely because you want an option that won't ruin your walls. So removability, particularly without damaging paint, is a significant factor to consider.


If you're going for that seamless, "floating" look for your photos, then you'll want tape that remains discreet and doesn't make an appearance around your photo edges.


From budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, we'll cover options that cater to a range of financial preferences.

Top Adhesive Tapes for Wall

3M Scotch Double-Sided Tape

When you want both adhesive strength and care for your walls, 3M Scotch Double-Sided Tape is a go-to choice. Its strong hold ensures that your cherished photographs will remain securely in place, and its easy removability keeps your walls looking pristine without any adhesive residue or paint damage. Although it might be on the pricier side, the peace of mind it offers makes it a solid investment for showcasing your special photos.

🛒 Buy 3M Scotch Double-Sided Tape Here Adhesive Strength 9/10 Removability 6/10 Visibility 8/10 Price 7/10

Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape

For those with larger or heavier prints that need a bit more support, heavy-duty double-sided tape is another excellent option. It provides an incredibly strong adhesive force that is perfect for mounting more substantial items without the fear of them falling. Just like with the 3M Scotch, always test a small area first to ensure that it can be removed without damaging your wall.

🛒 Buy Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape Here Adhesive Strength 7/10

Removability 7/10 Visibility 8/10 Price 10/10

Archival Methods Acid-Free Tape

If you're looking to mount antique or priceless photos, Archival Methods Acid-Free Tape is the product you'll want to invest in. While it does come at a higher cost, this tape guarantees that the adhesive will not degrade your photos over time, making it a trusted choice for archival-quality mounting.

🛒 Buy Archival Methods Acid-Free Tape Here Adhesive Strength 6/10 Removability. 7/10 Visibility 10/10 Price 6/10

Hanging Large Prints?

photography tape
Photo Adhesive Wall Mount

Check out Double Sided Nano Magic Tape. Double-sided Nano Magic Tape is a revolutionary reusable adhesive solution that takes taping to the next level. Unlike regular double-sided tape, Nano Magic Tape uses nanotechnology to provide a strong yet reusable and traceless bonding experience. It has pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, allowing for a robust attachment between two surfaces

Adhesive Strength 9/10 Removability 10/10 Visibility 8/10 Price 5/10

A Word on Putty: Not Recommended for Long-Term Use

While budget-friendly options like Duck Brand Poster Putty may appear tempting, it's crucial to know that these are not reliable for long-term photo mounting. Over time, prints attached with putty are prone to falling, potentially damaging the photo and certainly causing disappointment. Therefore, although putty may seem like an inexpensive choice, we don't recommend it for a secure, lasting display. Adhesive Strength Removability Visibility Price

Investing in a high-quality adhesive tape is worth it for the long-term security and aesthetic presentation of your photos.

These curated recommendations aim to provide reliable and wall-friendly options for mounting your printed photos. Always remember to test your chosen adhesive on a small, hidden area of your wall first to ensure it doesn't disappoint you or damage your wall paint.

Pro Tips: How to Apply Tape Without Bubbles or Fingerprints

Clean Surface

Before going tape-happy, ensure that both the wall surface and the back of your photo are clean and dry.

Measure Twice, Tape Once

A handy rule to minimize the chances of air bubbles is to pre-measure and cut pieces of tape before application.

Use a Flat Edge

During the tape application process, employ a flat edge—like a credit card—to smooth out the tape, effectively eliminating any potential bubbles.

Handle with Care

Always handle the tape by its edges to prevent fingerprints from making their way onto the adhesive surface.

Apply Pressure Evenly

When you're ready to mount the photo on the wall, apply even pressure across the surface for a bubble-free finish.

The quest for the perfect adhesive tape for your wall-mounted photos doesn't have to be a nail-biting experience. Whether you're operating on a budget or seeking an archival-quality adhesive, there are options for everyone. Remember, preparation and the right tools are key to a flawless photo display.

Note: This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. This article was written independently, and the views and opinions expressed are our own.

Disclaimer: Always test your chosen adhesive on a small, inconspicuous area of your wall and the back of the print to ensure it doesn't damage either. Always adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for the best results.

Happy decorating! Scopo Photography Ready to fill up your wall with more memories?

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