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7 Tips on Capturing an Amazing Family Day Snow Photoshoot

Updated: May 21

There is a small window when snowfall in Vancouver can make the city truly magical. Have some fun this family day long weekend, and head outside with Scopo Photography for a snow photoshoot, and let your hearts get transported to a winter wonderland.

Snow Photoshoot
Family Day Snow Photoshoot: Joey Chan, Wiggles, Mani Hrafnsson and Zoey Hrafnsson-Chan, 2021

Snow Photoshoot: Finding Iceland in Vancouver

It was all about the in between moments on our Cypress hike with Icelandic- Vancouverites, Joey and Mani. They welcomed a brand new member Zoey, into their family in 2020. Joey describes their recent adventures together by explaining;

"a cross country baby stroller is something I tow Zoey in so we can explore the outdoors together"

What an inspiring way to keep smiling and moving through the lockdown as a family.

Family Day: Recreating Old Photos

Recreating old photos for Family Day was a highlight of our session together. With an Icelandic Viking to guide us through the hike, it was only appropriate to have Mani recreate with Zoey a snow photoshoot from when he took with his eldest son, Ronnie, in Iceland a few years back. Long live the little warriors.

Snow Photoshoot
Family Day - Recreating Memories

And now a little geek speak, because our featured Icelandic is also a dog photographer. Did I forget to mention that he has his own photography business?

7 Tips to Having an Amazing Snow Photoshoot

Family Day

1. Staying Dry

Aside from toques, mitts, boots and a hot drink to stay dry and comfortable, extreme conditions with a snow photoshoot can be hard on your subjects and your photography equipment. Carrying a water proof camera jacket is a must. Remember that you wont be able to set your camera on the ground because it’s wet and snowy - which means having the right gear is critical.

2. COVID Friendly Lenses

Most photographers prefer sharp, high-performance lenses at all times. With snow photoshoot cold temperatures and COVID safety protocols, we need to put in extra thought when selecting lenses to work with these conditions. For this snow photoshoot, I chose my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM to allow more versatility when shooting from afar. It is important to avoid the risk of condensation being trapped inside your camera body when changing your lenses outdoors.

3. Fight the Camera Fog

Use a UV filter to protect the front element of the lens from moisture. Breathing warm air on your camera will also cause fogging. My lens lasted about an hour before I started to notice any changes.

4. Colouring: Why are my snow photos so blue?

Adjusting your white balance for snow days can be a bit tricky. You may notice a bluish colour-cast particularly if the scene is a mix of shade and directly lit objects. Make sure your settings are adjusted properly. 7500K is a good place to start for a bright snowy day.

5. Winter Sky

Winter skies can be beautiful this time of year, perfect for a Family Day snow photoshoot. The moon rises before the sunsets and reflections from the snow can create different moods to make your images extra special. Expose for the sky to capture all the different colours of the sunset and use a fill light to balance your subject.

6. Colour for Contrast

If you truly want dynamic winter or snow photoshoot, ask your subjects to dress in colourful clothes. This makes them pop-out of your photos when they stand surrounded by the white snow.

7. Play with snow

Incredible moments are captured when you are just having fun. Make a snow angel, build a snowman or just roll around in the white powder. Photos, and Family Day, are all about making memories after all.


COVID Photoshoot Protocol

Outdoor photoshoots are low risk activities that can be enjoyed while adhering to CDC safety protocols. Scopo Photographers use zoom lenses that require at least several feet to focus to maintain a distance. In addition, we wear medical grade masks at all times. COVID screening questions will also be asked prior to every photoshoot.


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