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Carry Me Home 

The first cross-reality live circus with motion caption

Scopo Photography was so fortunate to be able to be apart of this groundbreaking series. It was the first circus performance to use a 4-Audience model, exploring what a musical circus in the metaverse can look like. The show itself was inspired by Didier Stowe’s life experiences, virtually transporting the audience to a set resembling the inner workings of his mind.


The action and dreamy imagery was brought to life through motion tracking technology to provide two shows in one. The first, a live production for an in-person audience, and the second was an online virtual reality experience via live stream.

Circus Artist Credits

Didier Stowe - singer/songwriter/trampoline

Hoop Doubles - Veronica Herrera, Danira Quintanar
Hoop Jumping - Geovany Mora, Dina Sok
Partner Acro Dance - Danira Quintanar,  Geovany MoraAcro Hair Hang - Danira Quintanar

Photography and Motion Capture

Presenting the show at Animatrik's Vancouver headquarters, Scopo photography documented the show prep process working with motion capture,virtual cinematography experts. Incredible dreamscapes were created and projected on screens behind circus artists in motion capture suites that allowed them to become immersed in the virtual world when calibrated and synced. 

Scopo Photography Motion Capture Didier
Scopo Photography Performance Photography
Scopo Photography Performance Photography
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