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Scopo Videography

Scopo provides film services and captures creative movement on video. Our lead videographer, Jon Chan is a black belt instructor who specializes in sport and competition videography, check out his sample reels featuring some amazing athletes at the Nimbus Grappling gym in Vancouver.

Here's why it's important to choose the right videographer:

  1. Stylistic Match: Every videographer has a unique style. Whether you prefer a cinematic approach, documentary-style, or something entirely different, we will ensure that our style matches your vision for the event.

  2. Work Ethic: A professional videographer must be reliable, flexible, and dedicated. Jon Chan demonstrates an exceptional work ethic, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

  3. Timelines: Timely delivery of the final product is crucial. Scopo Videography respects deadlines and communicates effectively throughout the process.

  4. Experience and Expertise: Depending on your event type, experience in specific environments is important. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or private party, we will find someone who has proven expertise in capturing similar events.

  5. Equipment Quality: High-quality video equipment is essential for stunning visuals and clear audio. Scopo Videography ensures that our recommended videographers use state-of-the-art technology to deliver top-notch results.

  6. Personal Connection: Your comfort with the videographer matters. We will reach out to connect and understand your needs to make sure you feel at ease throughout the event.

  7. Budget Alignment: We understand that budget is a key consideration. We will work with you and offer the best value for your investment without compromising on quality.

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