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contortion photography

Contortion Photography

Contortion Photography with Twisted Bloom

Vancouver Contortion Duo 

At Scopo Photography, we were thrilled to collaborate on a contortion photography project with Twisted Bloom, a vibrant circus duo based in Vancouver. Twisted Bloom combines contortion and hand-balancing to create a living expression of circus artistry.

When brainstorming locations, we considered the rainforests with their uprooted trunks and climbing vines. However, we ultimately decided to showcase their art in a character studio where Twisted Bloom trains, a place of comfort in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Here, Twisted Bloom's photoshoot took on new life, their movements resembling blossoms sprouting new shapes that contrasted with the old aesthetics of the building.

The photoshoot aimed to capture the fluidity and strength of Twisted Bloom's movements, highlighting the elegance and grace of their art form. Just as plants adapt and flourish in diverse environments, Twisted Bloom seamlessly blended their movement with the studio setting.

As the photographer, I was fortunate to have added my own twist to their poses by finding unique angles and perspectives. The result was a visual experience that celebrated both the raw power of nature and the vibrant pulse of creativity, capturing the essence of contortion and collaboration.

contortion photography twisted bloom
contortion photography twisted bloom
contortion photography twisted bloom

"Through the lens, contortionists transform into living sculptures, their bodies winding and dancing like ever-changing vines"

Kasha Konaka: Contortionist
Stephanie Van Dyck - Contortionist

Capturing the Art of Twisted Bloom

Contortion photography involves more than just technical skills; it's about highlighting the fluidity, strength, and grace of extreme flexibility. This requires an understanding of their unique alignment and the ability to anticipate some dynamic poses.

Photographing contortionists like Twisted Bloom allowed me to explore the ethereal aspects of their craft. Drawing inspiration from the surreal forms of contortion, together we created images that convey both the beauty and physical prowess in these photos.

In post-production, the surrealistic quality of these images was enhanced by incorporating floral elements. This technique not only adds a dreamlike vibe but also accentuates the organic fluidity of the contortionists' bodies. By combining the natural artistry of Twisted Bloom with these surreal edits, we hoped to take the already mesmerizing art form deeper into the realm of imagination.

contortion photography twisted bloomg
contortion photography twisted bloom
contortion photography twisted bloom
contortion photography twisted bloom
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